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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Road Trip 2001

2001 - Ohio - My friend and I went to Cedar Point in Sandusky to ride
the Millenium Force, which was the tallest roller coaster in the
country at the time. We drove there in a day and got to our hotel very
late. We had a hard time finding it in the dark with all the
construction. We were going to be in town for three days, but we didn't
know if we would want to spend the whole time in the park, so we bought
a two day pass to start out. We decided to work up to the Force, so we
rode the Raptor (inverted) and Magnum XL-200 (steel) which is over 200
feet tall. As we were nearing the top of the hill, I told him "I don't
think I can do this" and he said "Too late now!" Then we waited in line
for almost two hours to ride the Millenium Force. That was the best
ride I have ever been on! It is 310 feet tall, reaches 92 miles an hour
and starts you off not with a chain, but by rocketing you out of the
station. We rode several of the other rides and left the park at around
9pm. We couldn't find a place to eat and drove all around town until we
got to Red Lobster. I had a calamari dish and had trouble sleeping that
night because if it. It was the first and only time I couldn't sleep
because I had eaten something weird. I had been feeling sick and
finally realized I had strep throat. We were both sore the next day and
decided to just go for half the day, so we hung out in town, shopped
and ate and bought a late admission ticket. We used our passes up on
the last day. All in all, we rode the Force seven times in three days,
and one of the times we got to ride in the front. You can't wait for
the front seat, but we were second in line and the first people didn't
want to be in front, so we went up there. The cool thing about Cedar
Point is that it's on a peninsula in Lake Erie, so when you go up on a
ride, you get an awesome view of the coastline and lake. During the
drive, my friend was playing Missy Elliot's So Addictive CD. I knew
about her, but I had never listened to much of her before that, but
that's when I got to be a real fan.

Point now has a Roller Coaster that's 420 feet tall, the Top Thrill
Dragster. It reaches 120 miles an hour and starts by shooting you
straight up in the air, then turning you 180 degrees so you are
speeding back towards the earth to begin the ride. I'm going to need to
go back there.

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