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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Did you mean: solo? No, I didn't

Blogging is quite an exercise in ego, and here's another:

My Google number is 2,290 (search for your full name in quotes, i.e. "Sarah Hansen" to get yours)
I know it would be much less if my name weren't so common.

www.sarahhansen.com is taken by an Canadian designer :-(

My mother and aunt have the same name because they married brothers, but I'm pretty sure their middle names are different.

Hansen is the 222nd most popular surname in the United States; It's frequency is 0.047%.
California, Idaho, Michigan and Nebraska have towns or places named Hansen

I couldn't find myself amongst the results, but here's what I did find:
1 - high school skiier in Alaska

2 - A Canadian designer

3 - A 9 year old girl whose uncle was a police officer killed in the line of duty. She wrote a letter about him.

7 - Most Frightening: 'DNA Sequencing Lab for Sarah Hansen'
Appears to be a school project about forensics

9 - Article about a Utah woman that had brain surgery to stop epileptic seizures. It's scary because she looks sort of like me. But, Hansen is not her maiden name. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/frontpage/seattle_pima1x220031124.pdf

19 - My favorite: Apparently a sitcom on CBS had a character named after me

Show Guide: The Boys Are Back
Hal Linden as Fred Hansen
Suzanne Pleshette as Jackie Hansen
Kevin Crowley as Rick Hansen
George Newbern as Mike Hansen
Bess Meyer as Judy Hansen
Ryan O'Donohue as Peter Hansen
Kelsey Mulrooney as Sarah Hansen
Justin Cooper as Nicky Hansen
Production Credits:
Directed by: Linwood Boomer
Produced by: Linda Nieber (producer)
15 half-hour episodes aired on CBS from September 11th 1994 through January 28th 1995.
Episode 14 = Searching for Sarah Hansen--01/21/1995

83 - Kentucky - The “Sarah Hansen” law imposes a 3-year period of conditional discharge following incarceration upon expiration of a sentence or completion of parole for sex offenders. It's named after a girl that was killed in 1997.

So, the best way to find me is to search for "soelo". You get my blog as well as two or three of my home pages (woefully outdated) on the first page of results. All the search engines think you have spelled the word solo wrong. Most of the rest of the results are pages in a foreign language, Italian, Spanish and Portugese. I've tried to translate them with no luck. I asked my brother-in-law who speaks Spanish if he knew what it meant and he said they are most likely misspelling the spanish word for 'floor'.

Although, I suppose putting my name all over this post might help my ranking?



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