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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's always fun until someone loses a finger.

The boyfriend and I were standing in his entryway putting on our shoes before bowling. (Not our bowling shoes, but our "don't drag dirt into the house" shoes.) He kicks one of my shoes down the stairs leading to the basement. Before you assume he is mean, recall that I have done this to him at least twice before. I always try to get it about two or three steps down, but it always tumbles farther than I want it to. We have odd ways of showing affection. I am carrying a purse and a backpack and wearing one shoe. I head down the stairs to retrieve the other one, slip and fall down about four stairs. I am laughing and he is asking if I am okay. After I put on my second shoe, I realize that my right pointer finger is bleeding. We go up to the bathroom to wash it out and the BF applies antibiotic salve, gauze and a bandage. He feels guilty, but I point out how I have done it to him before. My gash is wierd shaped, like an upside-down V. Surprisingly, it did not affect my bowling at all: 108, 118 and 121. Maybe it slowed me down? I have been able to write and use a mouse just fine. I doubt I'll be very good at the Wii, however, especially pinball.
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