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Saturday, June 17, 2006

California Road Trip - Day 3

A is always the early riser when we are on vacation, while G tends to sleep in and I am somewhere in the middle. He was up and eating breakfast at Perry's before I left my hotel, but we did meet up there. We went over to Fisherman's Wharf again to see the sea lions that sun themselves at Pier 39. They are actually visible on Google Maps:

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After that we waited far too long for a bus to take us up to Coit Tower. Before we went inside, we called G and found she was in Little Italy, about to head up to the tower. After meeting up with her, we rode to the top and got the breathtaking views and took all the nice pictures. We took a break in the shade and then headed over to descend the Filbert Steps. A is a big fan of the Tales of the City books (I loved the first 3 as well, just haven't read the next 3), so he insisted on seeing them. It's a very long walk, but well worth it even if you don't get to see any of the wild parrots, which we didn't.

We walked through Levi's Plaza and then took the BART over to the Mission District. We ate at Taqueria Pancho Villa and then walked over to Mission Delores. I was tired so I decided to rest on the steps outside while A and G went in and took a tour. We then took a bus up to the Castro and hung out for a bit, just shopping, people-watching and eating gelato. We continued the eating theme in North Beach at Trattoria Pinnochio and then went for more cannoli.

Day 4

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