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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sin City

Whoa! Violence was never made so pretty. For the last two days, all I have been able to say was, "Damn that was a good movie!", but I seem to have recovered. There were so many things I just did not expect to happen, and a few times I didn't even believe what I was seeing on screen. The surprise for me was that I didn't hate Jessica Alba. If she can pull off her role in the Fantastic Four, I'll hate her even less.



  • At 7:23 AM, Blogger Scooter said…

    It's a slow haul trying to pull a personality out of your postings - not a lot about you in all of them. Anyway, I notice you're into board games (and you were interested in the documentary festival my wife and I go to every year), but don't have a lot of people to play with - one of my friends has a wife (Cindy) who plays board games(http://www.millcomm.com/~seansand/ - email is in the upper left) and she has played with another female gaming friend that hangs with our group, and when there are enough women around, my wife plays as well - Settlers of Cataan, Axis and Allies, Puerto Rico, Age of Mythology (board version), etc. If you're ever interested in hanging out for a gaming day, drop Sean or I (you can just post a comment anywhere on my site, it gets back to me) a line and we'd include you on an invite.

    I know it seems incredibly weird to get an invite to play games via a blog, but I've found it's an interesting way to meet new people - I've already met two people at work by "accident" via their blogs because they posted about work or about being at someplace in the cities at the same time as me. At the very least, at my site you'll occassionally find out when the next documentary festival is coming around, what programmers do with their free time once they're out of school and working for legal publishers in Eagan, etc.


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