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Monday, October 06, 2003

Things I Want

(not comprehensive in the least, and mostly materialistic)

-$500,000 - I don't need a million, just a half
-A Nissan Altima
-People to stop telling me that I will want kids one day. I love kids, but I don't want my own. If someday I do, I'll adopt. Plenty of kids need good homes.
-To travel around the world. Literally, the whole world.
-A B.S, an M.S. and then a PhD
-World Peace - a cliche, but true nonetheless
-Kevin Smith - before he was married and had kids - YUM!
-The ability to control time: freeze, speed up, back and forth, etc.
-A marquee on the back of my car to talk to the drivers behind me
-A helicopter
-A way to record my dreams on video so I can go back and watch them later
-Pinenuts to be banished from the earth because I'm allergic to them. This may sound selfish, but I assure you it's not.
-My Amazon.com wishlist delivered to my door
-A Dishwasher
-For Pineapple Fanta, Sonic and Jack in the Box to come to Minnesota



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