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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RSS to Email Services

Shoot, It looks like Sendmerss.com is dead (r-mail.com and sendmerss.org also). It's good that I kept a copy of my OPML file. Rssfwd got updated after being mysteriously down for a while, but they let me import all of my old subscriptions. It sucks, I am sure there are some feeds in Sendmerss that were not in my OPML and not in Rssfwd. I liked Sendmerss' interface more, but now I have to use Feedblitz or Rssfwd. In looking for more services, I found most of the sites either require some kind of software installation or code or else they are really for mailing list managers and not end users.

I have found a few others that seem to meet my needs but I haven't tried them yet.* 

*well I have tried each one with a single feed... but I have no meaningful results yet.


Friday, September 05, 2008

RSS in my email

From 12:00 am until 3:45pm today, my rss inbox got 929 messages, almost one per minute. Extrapolate that out to the four months since I started this project and that is just under 175 thousand emails. So, I should hit 200 thousand before the end of the month. If I had not been emptying my trash, I might even hit 20 percent usage of my 7104 megabytes.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Gmail tip for finding archived items with no label

I have a Gmail account with over 50K messages (my rss feeds) and I sometimes read it via Gmail mobile. So, I end up with messages that have been archived but not labeled (oh no!)

To find them, search this:
"-label:inbox -label:blog -label:comp ..."

You have to add a -label:tag for each tag, so it can take a while to write. But bookmark it and you never have to write it again! I found the idea at the bottom of this thread.

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Monday, May 05, 2008


Send Me RSS Logo
This site emails you RSS feeds.


Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

What kind of special thing should I do for Leap Day?
I am still trying to figure that out.

Well the main thing that I did was figure out that my rss feed is here.
I saw that my feed was working right in Google Reader, even though I thought it was completely broken. Well, the address looks funny but at least I found the one that works now!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Couch Potato

Here are all the TV shows I have ever watched with any regularity. None of these should be viewed as an endorsement. It was actually painful to admit watching some of these.

Epguides.com was a big help for me in compiling this list, especially their list of shows by year. They have a current grid of primetime lineups and it includes shows currently on hiatus, with an expected return to air date. They even have some RSS feeds for newly added shows and cancellations.

1959 - Twilight Zone
1960 - Flintstones
1962 - Beverly Hillbillies
1964 - Addams Family (73?)
Gilligan's Island
1965 - I Dream of Jeannie
1966 - Batman
1972 - M*A*S*H
1974 - Happy Days
Little House on the Prarie
1975 - Jeffersons
One Day at a Time
Saturday Night Live
Wonder Woman
1976 - Alice
Laverne and Shirley
Quincy, M.E.
1977 - Fantasy Island
Incredible Hulk
Love Boat
Three's Company
1978 - Dallas
Different Strokes
Mork and Mindy
WKRP in Cincinnatti
1979 - Dukes of Hazzard
Facts of Life
Hart to Hart
Knot's Landing
1980 - Bosom Buddies
1981 - Falcon Crest

1982 - Cheers
Family Ties
Knight Rider
Remington Steele

1983 - GI Joe
Mama's Family
Scarecrow and Mrs. King

1984 - Cosby Show
Double Trouble
Night Court
Who's the Boss

1985 - Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Amazing Stories
Golden Girls
Growing Pains
Mr. Belvedere

1986 - Designing Women
Head of the Class
It's Gary Shandling's Show
LA Law
My Sister Sam
Perfect Strangers

1987 - Beauty and the Beast
Degrassi Junior High
A Different World
Full House
My Two Dads
Out of This World
Star Trek TNG

1988 - China Beach
Dear John
Empty Nest
Just the Ten of Us
Whose Line is it Anyway (UK)
Wonder Years

1989 - Coach
Doogie Howser, M.D.
Life Goes On
Saved by the Bell
Young Riders

1990 - Beverly Hills 90210
Bobby's World
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Law and Order
Northern Exposure
Parker Lewis Can't Lose

1991- Civil Wars
Home Improvement
The Ren and Stimpy Show
The Torkelsons

1992 - Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Mad About You
Melrose Place
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

1993 - Class of '96
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Grace Under Fire
Living Single
Lois & Clark
The Nanny (US)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

1994 - Chicago Hope
The Critic
These Friends of Mine / Ellen
Inside the Actors Studio
Models Inc.
My So-Called Life (entire series)
Party of Five
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
The Tick (1994)

1995 - The Bonnie Hunt Show
Caroline in the City
Central Park West
Dexter's Laboratory
The Drew Carey Show
Earthworm Jim
Hope & Gloria
Ned and Stacey
Pinky and the Brain
The Single Guy
Star Trek: Voyager

1996 - Boston Common
Early Edition
Everybody Loves Raymond
Hey Arnold!
Kenan & Kel
Men Behaving Badly (US)
Suddenly Susan
3rd Rock From the Sun

1997 - Ally McBeal
Angry Beavers
Cow and Chicken
Dharma & Greg
E! True Hollywood Story
Fired Up
Just Shoot Me
King of the Hill
The Practice
South Park
Veronica's Closet
The Visitor

1998 - Bob and Margaret
Conrad Bloom
Dawson's Creek
The King of Queens
Powerpuff Girls
Sex and the City
Sports Night (entire series)
That '70s Show
True Life
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US)
The Wild Thornberrys
Will & Grace

1999 - Dilbert
Family Guy
Freaks and Geeks (entire series)
Futurama (entire series)
Home Movies
It's Like, You Know...
Jack & Jill
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
The League of Gentlemen
SpongeBob SquarePants
Stark Raving Mad
Strangers with Candy
Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane

2000 - Big Brother
Boston Public
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dark Angel
Queer as Folk (US)
TV Funhouse

2001 - The Amazing Race
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Dinner for Five
Fairly OddParents
Grounded for Life
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
The Oblongs
Primetime Glick
Six Feet Under
The Tick (2001)

2002 - Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Firefly (entire series)
George Lopez
Good Morning Miami
Less Than Perfect
Life with Bonnie
The Osbournes
Still Standing

2003 - Arrested Development
Coupling (US)
Last Comic Standing
Miss Match
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Reno 911!
Star Wars: Clone Wars

2004 - The Apprentice (first 1.5 seasons)
Blow Out
life as we know it
Significant Others (2004)
Wonderfalls (entire series)

2005 - Grey's Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother
The Office (US)
True Life

The Class
How to Get the Guy
Lovespring International
The New Adventures of Old Christine
The Nine
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
10 Items or Less
30 Rock
Three Moons Over Milford

The Sarah Silverman Program

248 so far

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Information Overload

My del.icio.us bookmarks have hit 2000 since they started allowing you to import bookmarks directly from an html file.

My Bloglines feeds are at 200 with the average number of unread articles at 4000 and the number of saved items at 3800. To be fair, I can knock about 1K off of the unread number in about 15 minutes.

My DVR has ten eleven unwatched episodes of Dawson's Creek, and at least ten more hours of other stuff.

293 +9228 +1593 +1418 +161 = 12, 693 The number emails I have, both read and unread in a variety of places. The 9K is at work and most of those are "for future reference".

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

101 things in 1001 days

My list of 101 things to do in 1001 days
Which I stole from Triplux and many others.

My dates are 06/12/2006 to 03/8/2009
  1. Go to Europe (DONE May 07)
  2. Turn thirty (DONE 6/22/07)
  3. Buy a condo or house
  4. Take a Papermaking or other art class (DONE 12/13/06)
  5. Declare a major
  6. See Los Angeles (DONE 6/22/06)
  7. See Seattle
  8. Own all of my Top Ten movies of the year (In progress, lists made...)
  9. Either ride Ripchord or Bungee Jump or Skydive
  10. Compile a list of my 100 favorite songs
  11. See some petroglyphs
  12. Take an official tour of a city, even if it just Minneapolis (DONE - Berlin 3/25/08)
  13. Organize my CDs, both music and computer (DONE 7/20/06)
  14. Whiten my teeth (DONE June 07)
  15. Go to The Science Museum (DONE 6/25/08)
  16. Finish a short story - one that is started or a brand new one
  17. Take Writing 2 (DONE Dec 07)
  18. Make an informative opening page for soelo.com (DONE)
  19. Update all of my other websites
  20. Get on a schedule - more than just "work school sleep work tv sleep"
  21. Set aside an arts and crafts area in home
  22. Get a dishwasher and washing machine in apartment/condo (DONE 7/3/06)
  23. Read at least 33 books (one per month) (DONE Sept 2008)
  24. See a live play
  25. Host at least one Geekfest
  26. Go to a live KOL meeting
  27. Attend a convention or show at a convention center
  28. Put something on soelo.com in addition to my blog (DONE)
  29. See a Panda Bear (in captivity, most likely) (DONE 3/24/08)
  30. Keep a daily journal - about boring stuff that only I care about
  31. Buy more wine and learn which wineries I like (DONE)
  32. Learn to make a wine spritzer that I like (DONE Nov 06)
  33. Attempt to improve my handwriting (DONE, but just the attempt)
  34. Drive along the west coast (DONE June 18-21, 2006)
  35. Compile my own "pantry list" and have it complete in my kitchen at least once (list done)
  36. Go to a local festival that is not in Minneapolis or St. Cloud
  37. Take a trip somewhere using only public non-airplane transportation (i.e. bus, train, helicopter, taxi)
  38. Make and use a Christmas Card List (has to be08)
  39. Knit, crochet or sew something nice enough to wear in public - and wear it.
  40. Make one birthday or Christmas gift
  41. Go Snow Tubing somewhere official, with tube rental and lift
  42. Post to my blog on 87% of the days in a month. (27/31) (Done Dec 07)
  43. Have at least one book made from my photos
  44. Take multi-vitamins regularly (In Progress)
  45. Organize a real scavenger hunt
  46. Volunteer
  47. Fill the tank with gas - drive till it’s half gone, take pictures, and then come back (DONE 10/11/08)
  48. Make a scrapbook of all my travels (In Progress)
  49. Learn to make homemade chai (DONE Oct 06)
  50. Read a book on Arthurian Legend
  51. Memorize 'If' by Rudyard Kipling (DONE July 31, 2006)
  52. Journalize my time from age 18 to 28
  53. Finish my Interests inventory
  54. Learn something about everything
  55. Learn everything about something
  56. Make a nice long blogroll (DONE - via rss and gmail)
  57. Get my car's rear axle fixed (DONE June 12, 2006)
  58. Try ordering groceries online (DONE Jan 08)
  59. Take 3 additional classes (not writing or papermaking) (In progress - Politics)
  60. Update my immunizations (DONE 8/7/08)
  61. Go on a blind date (DONE Sept 07)
  62. Go on a real date (with someone I know or meet, not a fix-up) (DONE July 07)
  63. Get email archives down to below 100 (I don't think I will ever do this)
  64. Get rss archives down to below 100 (DONE)
  65. Set up bill-paying plan or auto-pay
  66. Have either the bio-hazard symbol or my name in Hebrew tattooed on my arm
  67. Attend a yoga class
  68. Draw one comic strip, and post it. (Dialogue and background done for 2)
  69. Move all stuff in storage into apartment. (In Progress, there are still about 25 boxes in my friend's basement)
  70. Set up scanner (DONE Nov 30, 06)
  71. Finish scanning pictures
  72. Organize those pictures
  73. Print out / archive my blog (archiving started June 06)
  74. Tag most of my blog entries (DONE Dec 27, 2006)
  75. Ponder a change of blog format/host
  76. Reduce paper clutter / handle paper monster
  77. Organize my books and list the ones I own but haven't read (DONE 07/02/07)
  78. Go to the Como Zoo (DONE May 07)
  79. Travel the Grand Rounds
  80. Buy and use a Tetsubin (DONE June 06)
  81. Check out and read 3 books from the Minneapolis Public Library
  82. See all 128 episodes of Dawson's Creek in order. (started on June 25th, 2006, stopped after Mitch died)
  83. Rent a game console and games for a week (Done sort of, got a PS2 and played Katamari)
  84. Hold the water taste test for my friends
  85. Finish the small painting and hang it somewhere (In Progress. It's abstract, so it is hung but not finished.)
  86. Get a passport (DONE May 16th, 2007)
  87. Make a significant contribution to a Wikipedia article (DONE on Eragon Live in summer 07)
  88. Get one KOL character to 50 ascensions (In Progress, soelo is at 27)
  89. Make cookies from scratch (DONE July 08)
  90. Make another dessert from scratch
  91. Make an entire meal (entree, two sides and a beverage) myself (DONE Feb 07)
  92. Purge the clothes I no longer wear
  93. Make an asian noodle dish in my wok (DONE May 08)
  94. Play board games with my friends (DONE)
  95. Build a Sandcastle
  96. Retake Calculus 2 (DONE Aug 08)
  97. Flirt with a stranger (DONE)
  98. Use craigslist for something (DONE Jan 07 - my apartment ... and again in Sept 07 where I found my boyfriend)
  99. Get some more videos for my ipod (DONE)
  100. Get contact lenses and wear them
  101. Purge my videotapes

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Monday, April 18, 2005

RSS address

You can subscribe to an RSS feed of my blog with this URL: http://www.soelo.com/atom.xml.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005


One of the first things I installed on my new 'puter was, of course, Firefox. It had become a very cumbersome ordeal installing things on my old one, so I had it downloaded but never installed. It's not a huge change, since I had been using Netscape, but I do appreciate the little things. Case in point: I surf in tabs, reading a whole page, clicking on the links as I go, but opening them in other tabs, or if I must use IE, other windows. Both IE and Netscape open this new window/tab on top of the page containing the link, so I have to click back on the current page. Firefox puts it behind the current page, so it's there for me to read after I've finished the page I am reading. It's wonderful for surfing del.icio.us and RSS feeds.