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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Car as seen on Google Street View

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I need, I want, I should

Google your name in quotes and add another word. It's a great meme.

  • "In lieu of any other blood relations who can provide the necessary environment that Ms. Hansen needs, an alternate solution is clearly. in order." From some Star Trek fanfic, in reference to Seven of Nine, whose real name is Annika Hansen.
  • "Sarah H. needs volunteers to help her minister to the elderly"
  • "Sarah Needs A Cold Shower, Self-Esteem" Well, doesn't everybody?
  • "Sarah Needs Your Manly Vote"
  • "Sarah Needs to Blog More"
  • "Sarah needs to get her life back & establish herself as a person in charge!" I think it's the other way around, she is tired of being the adult.
  • "Sarah should consider tax efficient savings accounts such as cash ISAs." zzz...
  • "Sarah should be forced to come over, ...Sarah should drop out of school and visit on Tuesdays!" no and NO
  • "So Sarah should buy more vanilla." Absolutely, I agree
  • "Yes Sarah, could be a professional food writer" No, she could not be a professional anything writer. Maybe an editor.
  • "Sarah could feel dark energy streaming from it like light through broken clouds."
  • "Sarah wants a later curfew and Emily wants a bra."
  • "Sarah wants Lorem Ipsum on her headstone"
  • "Sarah wants to be the first person on Mars" Not so much
  • "Sarah wants the hustle and bustle of town life." Very true
  • "Sarah had better steer clear of sharp knives and fatty foods for a while, or that house is going to need a second fireplace." Because fireplaces make houses safer?
  • "Sarah had better be careful getting that close to a lightsaber."
  • "I know she’s got a boyfriend, but your friend Sarah was wicked hot."
  • "Sarah was first introduced to white people at age six."
  • "Sarah can't keep her mind on the spoons." They aren't that interesting.
  • "Sarah would receive mission objectives from her secret headquarters"
  • "Sarah won't give me a turn on her scooter." See above, she is tired of being mature and has decided to indulge her infantile side.

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Google Video

It's still in beta, but Google has unveiled Google Video, which allows you to search the closed captioning text from TV shows. Imagine being able to read an entire show that you've missed! Right now, it only gives you snippets of text surrounding the word or phrase you searched for, but if properly embraced, this could become a very powerful alternative to sitting in front of the TV for hours. Now you can just sit in front of the computer and read for hours instead.