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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Reality TV 

I'm not watching the finale of Survivor tonight, nor am I watching The Apprentice on Thursday. I watched every episode of Survivor and at least half of the Apprentice episodes, but uck. I don't like any of the players either one has left.

I am finally able to watch The Amazing Race now that my Tuesday night class has ended. I just kept forgetting to set the VCR.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Naveen Andrews 

So, you've been watching Lost and lusting after Sayid, the beautiful Iraqi man who was in the Republican guard during the first Gulf War. You've been trying to place him, since you're sure you've seen him before. Well, Naveen Andrews played Kip, Juliette Binoche's Sikh boyfriend in The English Patient.

Want to know more about him, or just see some nice pictures? Try this page:

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Really Real Reality 

The Amazing Race
Yay, Chip and Kim won the Amazing Race. The were easily one of my 3 favorite teams this season. It would have been very cool to see the bowling moms win, but at least 'Mr Intensity' didn't win by being a jerk. I didn't watch the first season, but in 2,3 and 4, the winner was never the team I liked most or least, it was always the team that was just okay, at least out of the final three. So, this time I assumed it would Brandon and Nicole. But, during one of her many crying fits, I thought they don't even deserve to win. (Will you give me third place if I follow my boyfriend around the world yelling at him to stop and wait for me?) The other thing that bothered me was how several teams had just one person do almost all of the Road Blocks. Next time, they need to make it so they have to switch back and forth, like one person can't do more than two in a row. And speaking of next time, let's cut down on the number of non-elimination rounds, okay? Four times was ridiculous. The new season premieres Saturday, October 2nd at 7pm Central. Have I said how much I want to be on this show yet? I'd take my sister Tanya and get swimming lessons before I went.

The first episode of Survivor was pretty blah. I assume it will get better. What's with hyping that stupid ceremony? I thought they would at least have to walk over coals. I am doing another fantasy league with two of my friends. We are picking this players weekend. We know Brook will be the last one picked. Should be fun, and it's nice not to have to pick people every week.

Big Brother
I would have been pretty surprised if Drew didn't win, even he had been up against Diane. I knew how everyone would vote except Karen and Nic, I thought they would each vote the other way. This was the first season I watched all the way through. I wish Will would have lasted longer, as he had some of the funniest diaries, and that he would have won it all. I am so glad the Scott/Jase/Holly monster was out so soon. It really would have been unbearable to have to see them all the time and I doubt I would have kept watching the show.

Monday, May 31, 2004

Summer TV Schedule 

Summer is here, and the networks have decided to take my advice and go for a full on summer season of new programming.

Okay, so I wasn't the first person with the idea:

Fox premiered Beverly Hills 90210 in the summer over ten years ago and repeated that success last summer with The O.C.

HBO launched its biggest hits, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and Six Feet Under during the summer.

CBS' smash hit Survivor also brought in record ratings in the summer.

Here's what networks are showing this summer:

The Jury
One of the non-reality efforts being launched this summer, this courtroom drama comes from Barry Levinson (Rain Man) and Tom Fontana (Oz) who last collaborated on the sensational crime opus Homicide: Life on the Street. Told in a non-linear style, the drama follows the deliberations of a jury while, through flashbacks, exploring the crime and revealing if the jury's decision -- guilty or not-guilty -- is correct. Could be great. (June 8)

North Shore
Another Fox soap, a la The O.C. or Melrose Place, with a group of gorgeous 20-somethings emoting -- with as little clothing on as possible. It's set in a hotel in Hawaii and, like Las Vegas or The Love Boat, combines recurring characters with guest stars. Can Jimmy Walker and Charo be far behind? (June 14)

The Casino
Mark Burnett, the architect behind Survivor and The Apprentice, among others, continues to blowtorch TV with yet another reality series. This one promises a tantalizing behind-the-scenes look at a Las Vegas casino. Think The Restaurant, only with show girls. (June 14).

The Simple Life 2: Roadtrip
The Laverne and Shirley of our day, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, return (sort of like a rash for which there is no cream) -- this time on a cross-country road trip from Miami Beach to Beverly Hills in a hot pink pickup pulling an Airstream trailer, and accompanied only by a road map and their dogs Tinkerbell and Honey Child. No cell phones, cash or -- the horror! -- credit cards. (June 16)

Give Fox kudos -- along with all their dumb reality programming (i.e. The Swan) they take risks on quality shows and talent. Case in point: Andy Richter, whose Andy Richter Controls The Universe was cancelled way too soon, returns with this comedy about the trials and tribulations of raising 15-year-old quintuplets. (June 16)


NBC has a full plate:

Come to Papa
Premieres Thursday, June 3 8:30/7:30pm
Comedian Tom Papa (Analyze That) translates his different style of stand-up into a different kind of sitcom, where he stars as (what else?) Tom Papa. Tom plays a Jersey news reporter with daydreams of becoming a joke writer. And in Tom's world, he's got a lot of source material.

For Love or Money
2-Hour Premiere Monday, June 7 9/8pm
Last summer's #1 show returns, but this time For Love or Money is a whole new game! New twists and plenty of surprises keep one new bachelor and 16 outstanding women constantly guessing as they all try to decide what's more important: Love or Money.

Last Comic Standing
NBC had minor success last summer with the original Last Comic Standing -- which was good enough reason for a sequel, again hosted by Jay Mohr who, for good or bad, is best known for his dead-on Christopher Walken impersonation. Premieres Tuesday, June 8 8/7pm Jay Mohr returns as host/executive producer for the second season of this nationwide talent search seeking professional and non-professional comedians. First you'll witness the nationwide selection process, then watch as 10 funny finalists move in together and compete for an exclusive talent contract with NBC.

Crime & Punishment
Premieres Saturday, June 12th 10/9pm
Real cases. Real prosecutors. This popular true crime show is about as real as reality television can get. The series, created and executive produced by Dick Wolf (Creator of the Emmy Award-winning Law & Order franchise) and Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Bill Guttentag, returns with compelling new stories featuring the San Diego County's District Attorney's office.

Next Action Star
NBC's highest-profile summertime reality entry, this series from Matrix and Lethal Weapon producer Joel Silver seeks to find "the next action star." Over the course of 10 one-hour episodes, 14 finalists are rounded up in a Hollywood mansion and faced with stunt training, wirework and -- most daunting of all -- acting lessons. (Preview Monday, June 14, Premieres Tuesday, June 15 8/7pm) NBC and legendary producer Joel Silver are looking for the Next Action Star! Don't miss the action as 14 hopefuls are plucked from obscurity, sent to Los Angeles and compete to become Hollywood's next "big thing'. These eager ingenues will be trained in everything from acting to stunts by the best in the business. Two winners will star in Joel Silver's first network television film, also airing this summer on NBC.

Who Wants to Marry My Dad?
Premieres Monday, June 21 10/9pm
As in the first season of the popular reality show, the adult children of a single father will choose among several women to decide which one would be the ideal wife for their Dad. This time, dad's an outdoorsman whose three grown daughters will be deciding his romantic fate! The returning series will include the outrageous "secret tasks" and popular "lie-detector" tests that helped make the show such a hit with viewers last summer.



Curb Your Enthusiasm
After a too-long hiatus, the third season of Larry David's scathing, hysterical HBO series comes out. David, the co-creator of Seinfeld, has crafted a show that has emerged the true successor to that classic "show about nothing" as it follows David through his "real" post-Seinfeld life. This season boasts celebrity appearances by Ted Danson, Martin Short, Alanis Morissette and Martin Scorsese.

The Amazing Race 5/Big Brother
In a bit of corporate synergy -- and we can never have enough of that -- one of Race's contestants is Alison Irwin, who also happens to be the runner-up from 2003's edition of Big Brother. It just so happens the same evening CBS unveils its umpteenth edition of Big Brother. Why? Because the house is paid for and people will live in it for free. In other words, it costs $1.25 to produce and, as long as 11 people watch, it's still profitable. (CBS, July 6)

Six Feet Under
One of TV's best dramas returns for a fourth season after a year-long absence. With The Sopranos and Deadwood both over for another season -- who knows when the former will return? -- Alan Ball's dark comedy about a family of morticians is sure to be one of summer television's finest hours. (HBO).



Watch for the next new episodes of Significant Others. They may not be this summer, but word is that they've ordered some more. This a hilarious show about four different couples in marriage counseling. Most of it is improvised by stand-up comedians, or just really funny actors.

Blow Out - a reality shop about a beauty salon premieres June 8th

A new season of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy premiered on June 1st with the Fab Five doing over a set of twins.

And they have some good movies playing in June:

Heaven & Earth
June 9, 11
Oliver Stone’s final installment of his Vietnam trilogy (Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July) is based on the compelling true story of Le Ly Hayslip and her brutally honest account of survival during and after the war. Co-starring Tommy Lee Jones. Adapted from the popular book by Hayslip and Jay Wurts.

Like Water for Chocolate
June 2, 29
The luminous story of a young Mexican woman who, condemned to spinsterhood by old-fashion custom, magically transmits her own, pent-up feelings through the exquisite meals she prepares for her family. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Office Space
June 5, 28
Work sucks, but this cult-classic comedy brings relief to working stiffs everywhere. Writer/director Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill) takes a satirical look at life in corporate America and how one man, with the help of hypnosis and his fellow dejected cubicle-jockeys, conspires to fight back. Ron Livingston, Jennifer Anniston, Stephen Root, Gary Cole, and John C. McGinley star.

Reruns aren't all bad!

TBS starts showing Sex and the City June 15th. Catch it all from the beginning! Who needs the DVDs?

Monday, May 10, 2004


If I was Amber, I think having my entire relationship play out on television, up to and including engagement, I'd be a little annoyed. I know I would have been pretty offended at Kathy's question and said something along the lines of "What's going on between Rob and I is private. I have not mislead or lied to him in anyway. Our relationship is not anyone else's business." I just don't think she should have to answer questions about it, especially when people are choosing between them.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Amber's the winner 

Not too surprising. I text messaged in one vote for Rupert already, for the second million. And now I have to watch on Thursday to see where the next season will be.

Predictions for final vote 

Lex - Amber
Kathy - Amber
Alicia - Amber
Shii-Ann - Rob
Tom - Rob
Rupert - Rob
Jenna - Amber


Jenna, I think that was your last chance. I am officially rooting for Amber now. Rupert didn't deserve that.

And, they need to think of a better way to break ties.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Goodbye Friends 

One of the best shows ever to be on television is ending today.

An hour long retrospective and then an hour long finale start at 7pm (Central) tonight. Like you didn't already know that! If you watch NBC or Bravo for more than 5 minutes, you'll see a promo for it and if you were watching it last night, you probably saw Matt Lauer (sigh) and Katie Couric go on about it for two hours. It was a good special with interviews of all six, bloopers and a family tree of sorts.

To me, 'Friends', along with Reality Bites, is the best reflection of life in the twenties. Dialogue, relationships, jokes, it all seems very authentic. The thing I have noticed lately is how much less loopy Phoebe has gotten over all ten seasons. The same seems true of Daphne on Frasier, who used to be psychic!

So, I will be riveted to my TV tonight, probably watching Survivor first and then 'Friends'. It seems about par for a Thursday night. Reluctantly, I predict a very short life span for 'Joey'. I will watch, but I doubt many people will, even when they do put it on Thursday. NBC should move Scrubs back to Thursday as well as keeping Will & Grace there. Then, throw one more new show in the mix and you can probably hold on to 'Must-See TV'. Please, please, please let next season be the last for ER. Let's try for a 9pm drama that doesn't have a doctor, lawyer or policeman in it! Wait, do those exist anymore?

Thursday, March 11, 2004

All Star Update 

I think I would have serious concentration issues if I had to be out on an island with Colby, Ethan and Lex. They are all hot, each in a little different way from the other. Ethan is still my favorite, and it's not just animal lust. I like his personality too.

I am surprised at Sue. I don't like some of the arguments I've heard about the situation like, "Richard's gay." or "Who would hit on Sue with all those other cute girls out there?" Hello, sexual assault/rape is NOT about sex, it's about power. And since when you do have to be attractive for someone to harass you? It's like women can't win, if you are cute, you were "asking for it" and if you aren't, people don't believe anything happened. I was also surprised that Kathy said what she did about Sue, but I do see why she wouldn't appreciate drama.

I had an uneasy feeling when Chapera won the challenge. Something wasn't right about them taking Kathy and then Colby getting voted out. It's like divide and conquer. Now I want the teams to merge even, but the previews don't look good for that. Merging at 11? It was odd when they were merging even in every season. I think Kathy and Shii-Ann will stick with Lex and Jerry, since they are both less likeable. Also, Alicia and Tom could be an unlikely alliance, and if they read things right, they could bring Ethan in. That'd make two groups of 4 and one of 3 post-merge. Never mind, that won't happen. Lex will keep his team together post-merge and try to get Tom over with them. If he can see where his team ranks him (lowly), he might jump. Rob M will be gone if that happens. Maybe that's why we see him making out with Amber on the previews. They'll have a tearful goodbye (sob, choke).

Sunday, February 22, 2004

In Mourning 

Today marks the last day of 'Sex and the City'.

I have seen the first five seasons, and I guess the first half of this last one is out on DVD in June.

Survivor All Stars 

Tina - It doesn't surprise me that a winner was the first to go and that they thought Ethan was more valuable.
Rudy - I never cared for him much, even though he usually has some of the funniest lines. The only reason he made it so far in the first one was his alliance with Richard.
Rupert - I'm glad to see him back, but he needs to stop being so prideful and work with the team instead of trying to be such a star. That's what made people turn against him last time.
Jerri - I don't hate her this time, probably due to her keeping her mouth shut.
Jenna L - I'm very glad to see her back. Hopefully, she has learned from her first time and will make a strong alliance with Ethan and Jerri, even though she spoke out against him in the beginning.
Ethan - He's my favorite winner from all 7 seasons. He seems even smarter this time around, but he'll be vulnerable in a merger.

Rob C - Again, he wasn't as bad this time since he kept his mouth shut. His best line was last episode, "Boston Rob and Amber are gonna do it."
Rob M - His accent is still annoying and he is not going to last long being half of a couple.
Tom - I can't understand this guy! The little bit I can comprehend is usually very funny. The best quote from this season, "I don't know how I got this far in life without Susan Hawk telling me what to do."
Alicia - Still bossy as ever, she seems to be one of the few that didn't learn from her time on the island.
Sue - Why wasn't the vote between her and Rob C last episode? She must have been hunting for Tapiooooca.
Amber - She won't make it too far just like Rob. She might be able to ride some coattails like she did last time, since it seems to be the guys that get voted out to separate a couple.

Mogo Mogo
Richard - It wouldn't have been All Stars without him, but he can go anytime now.
Lex - Glad to see him back. I think he could make a dangerous alliance out of his tribe, even if they lose another one.
Colby - Always nice to see eye-candy. He gave up the cash last time, and he won't make the same mistake again.
ShiAnn - Yay. She is one of the people who most deserves a second chance.
Jenna M - I didn't like her the first time around and there's something wrong with her shoulders. It was very sad to see her have to leave that way, though. I'm glad she got to see her mother before she passed away.
Kathy - I didn't care much for her the first time around, but she did make it to third place. Overall, I think that was a boring season after Hunter and Gina left.

Looking at the big picture, I think Mogo Mogo is best positioned right now. I think they would make the best 4 person alliance no matter which 4 you put together. There will be a twist next time and I hope it's not splitting up Saboga and giving each other team two of their members. If that happens, Ethan and Rupert will be out very soon. It is so much harder to guess when there are three teams. My picks for next episode are: Rupert, Alicia or Richard, depending on who goes to TC. However, if I was playing, I'd take Ethan and/or Richard as far as I could with me. Jenna's opinion in the first episode about not letting a winner win again are probably widespread throughout the cast. Lex and Tom might be on Ethan's side no matter what, but that's it.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Funniest line on South Park this week:
Cartman: Well, I hate to say this Kyle, but maybe this is what your family gets for being Jewish at Christmastime.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Final Three strategy 

The vote you make if you get immunity in the final three in Survivor comes down to a Kelly vs. Colby strategy. They won the last immunity in games 1 and 2. Kelly chose to take the least likeable guy in the game to the end, hoping she would win. Colby chose to take someone who was harder to beat, but that he would rather lose to than the less likeable person. Neither one of them won the money. Jeff said that 5 of the 7 people that won the last immunity did not win the money. Kim from Africa didn't win. Brian did, and Jenna did. I guess Neleh and Lill are the other two that didn't win the money. Lill chose the Colby approach.


S - A - N - D - R - A

all my predictions were right except Burton


Ryan o - Sandra
Rupert - Sandra
T - Lill
Christa - Sandra
Burton - Lill
Darrah - Sandra
Jon - Sandra

even happier 

Johnny Fuckstick is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job Lill

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 

Lill just won immunity. I am so happy. No matter who she takes, it's very unlikely that Jon will win now. YAY

Survivor - down to 3 

Sandra was sooo right to vote out Darrah. Darrah should have voted for Sandra. Basically, Sandra gets final 2 whether she or John wins the last immunity, and it's about 50/50 if Lill gets it. Darrah had the same chances. John should have taken Lill out, and Lill should have taken John out.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Sex and the City 

Before I rented them from Netflix, I had seen about 5 episodes of Sex & the City. I wasn't too impressed with the first 2 that I saw, but then a friend of mine had me watch a few really good ones on DVD. So, I rented the first season from Netflix. I am now hooked! I hesitated at first because I'm no Sarah Jessica Parker fan and do I really want to get into another HBO/Showtime show that I can't watch all the time? (See 'Six Feet Under' and 'Queer as Folk') Well, I guess the last half of the last season is about to start in January, so I shouldn't have to wait too long between seasons, and the first four are already out on DVD. That same friend was likening our group to the characters, and he said that I am Charlotte, which is true. But, I think I want people to think I am Miranda. Wierd, huh?

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

TV on DVD 

Sports Night - ABC and then Comedy Central - Written By Aaron Sorkin - Sabrina Lloyd (Natalie) and Joshua Malina (Jeremy), Felicity Huffman(Dana) and Peter Krause (Casey), Josh Charles (Dan) and Teri Polo (Rebecca) - Ted McGinley, Greg Baker- William H Macy (married to Huffman?) guest starred. I started watching this when it was on ABC. Whenever a fan talks about this show, it's usually something like, "I am not a sports fan at all, but the show isn't really about sports." It's a dramatic look at the making of a 'Sports Center'-like show, with a lot of comedy and some romance thrown in. Robert Guillaum plays Issac, the boss and father figure. He had a stroke during the show's run and they wrote it in to the series. It was cancelled after one and a half seasons Both Seasons are out on DVD in one set.

Six Feet Under - HBO - Peter Krause (Nate), Lauren Ambrose (Claire), Michael C Hall (David), Rachel Griffiths (Brenda), Frances Conroy (Ruth). A show about a family-run funeral home, Fisher & Sons. Peter Krause again shines as the central character who is uneasy about death and his own mortality, yet feels the need to help run the business after his fathers death. Each episode starts with someone's death, and the corpse usually ends up at Fisher & Sons. They have to contend with being a small fish in a big pond, and stand up to a conglomerate, Kroehner, that keeps trying to take them over. Ruth is the matriarch who plays the victim pretty well. Claire (my favorite) is the youngest child, the angst-ridden 17 year-old only daughter. David is the obedient middle-child who finally came out to his family after his father died. Keith is his on-again off-again boyfriend who has family problems of his own. Federico (you might have seen him in Can't Hardly Wait, with Lauren Ambrose) works at the funeral home to support his wife, Vanessa, and two kids. Nate's girlfriend, Brenda, brings a even crazier family into the mix. It gets complicated, but her parents are shrinks that enjoy screwing with people's heads and her brother Billy is just plain wacko (well, so is she). Her mother is my second favorite character and is played by Joanna Cassidy the boss from 'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead'. Her character is hilarious! Robert Foxworth, aka Chase from 'Falcon Crest plays her father, but he's not much of a character.

Season One is out on DVD. I have also seen Season Two on VHS (from some friends), but there is no word on a DVD release date. I also saw a season 3 episode by accident, which has ruined some surprises for me.

Friday, November 07, 2003

Grounded for Life 

I hate hate hate Malcolm in the Middle. I always have. There is a much better show that gets the whole dysfunctional family thing right: "Grounded for Life". Today's episode was a great example: Lily's boyfriend Brad accidently sees Claudia, the mom naked and the middle child, Jimmy needs to start wearing deodorant (he's becoming a man) and the parents have a hard time telling him. The uncle, Eddie used to be my favorite character, but I think the daughter Lily is getting to be the funniest one. Last week's episode was about her drinking and the parents thought she had driven home and were upset. I know this might all sound kind of preachy, but they always make it funny, and not at al after-school-specially. It's kind of like an middle-class Irish-Catholic version of Roseanne.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Survivor Episode 7 

Um, I guess I took two weeks off from ranting about Survivor. In that time, Michelle and Trish got booted. There must not have been much to say about those two episodes. Last Thursday's was very different. First, what Rupert did to John was totally unfair. You have to cast a vote a TC, and John didn't know they were voting for Trish. Rupert had cast 2 votes already and that's the game buddy. You have right to vote however you want to. The only objective of voting is to win the $1,000,000. I hate it when people talk about playing fair and doing what's right. It's all about the money, if it isn't for you, get off the game.
When Jeff annonced that the Outcasts will be able to come back into the game, I was glad that they hadn't faked us out on the preview from last week. I guess this is going to extend the season by at least two episodes. That's cool, since I hate reruns. I just hope that doesn't delay The Amazing Race.
I think Andrew has some serious issues. Like, what did skinny Ryan ever do to you? Why do you have it out for him so badly? Obviously being built didn't help Osten any. Can you not see that there is more needed in Survivor than physical strength? I think he's going to let his pride get in the way somewhere down the line. I am soooo glad Osten is gone. I can't stand him, and like Ryan O said, if he's afraid of the ocean, the jungle and every animal, why did he come out here? Oh that's right, so he could lose a challenge for Morgan by nearly drowning. (There were puzzle pieces on the beach and in the shallow water, idiot).
When Drake let John and Sean argue their cases, John should have thrown in the fact that Sean had alliances with both Burton and Michelle, as opposed to John's with only Trish. If they are concerned about an Outcast getting back in the game, they should play the numbers and lose Sean. Anyway, maybe they realized that without John saying it, since they did kick Sean out. I can't say I would have kept John around, depending on the strategy that I was using. I would like to officially change his name from Johnny Fairplay to Johnny Fuckstick. Can we all agree on that?
I wonder how the two will be voted back in, like which tribe they got to. If the two are from the same tribe, who goes where, and if not, do they go back to their original tribe or switch? They really only need to get one more outcast back in to shift the power around. Then there would be four of one tribe and three of the other as well as three Outcasts. Technically, if there was a merge now, the two OCs are the 2 swing votes against each tribes four way alliance. That'll be the most interesting part. Do they go back to their original tribe, switch and play for the other team (hee hee hee) or make their own voting block out of some OCs and some other players?

This was probably the best twist ever and I hope it goes on for a long time.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Freaks from the 80s 

If you see any of 'The 80's Strike Back' on VH1, check out Boy George. He's such a freak. I know that's exactly what he wants, people to say that, but he really is. Basically, he has no hair on his head and a light blue band around his eyes, that actually goes around his whole head. Then he has a black band around his chin, which goes around the back of his neck. As if that's not enough, he has longitude lines going from the top of his head down his face.

On a seperate note, I think this season of Survivor is my favorite in a while. This week's episode was good, again. More voting twists and I was so proud of Morgan when they kicked Drake's ass, if only to show Jon what an idiot he is. Tijuana is not as annoying lately. If there is a merge next week, I hope the voting mixes up a little bit and doesn't stay all tribal. It seems to be better when the tribes merge evenly. I thought Rupert was an oaf at first, not just of how he looks, but also from his actions in the first few episodes. But, he's growing on me. He's got 62% of the vote on to be the winner. I think Sandra is my favorite right now, though - "Oh I know it ain't me!" It proves to me how much the last few seasons sucked. They were Amazon, Thailand and Marquesas. (Jenna, Brian and Vecepia). I think Marquesas was the worst because all the good people went too soon and Neleh and Vecepia didn't really seem deserving of being the final 2. They both flew under the radar for long enough. Kinda like they were there by default. But, i think the funniest part was when Tammy stood up and called Neleh a bad person because she didn't "Accept it" when they offered her 5th place. Oh yeah, she really should have been content with that. Like Tammy would have been. I think that moment is second only to Susan (Tapiooooooca) Hawk's diatribe at the end of the first season as the cheesiest melodrama that proves the speaker a fool.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The Bachelor 

I just finished watching The Bachelor. I can't believe I am admitting that. But, my sister got me started watching the Bachelorette, and the guy on this season was one of the guys from that season, Bob. Actually, Bob was one of my favorites, along with Charlie. I am starting to like him less now that he's the one who gets to pick. Speaking of that, I thought it was really stupid that even though Trista got to pick the guy, she had to wait for him to propose. How backwards is that? It the 21st Century, kids. She's picking, she can propose. Anyway, I was surprised that he picked Estella this time. I knew he'd pick the other 3 (Kelly Jo, Meredith and Mary), but I thought the fourth would be LeAnn. I was sure Brooke would go. Right now, I hope he picks Meredith, but Kelly Jo would be okay too. Okay, I will stop now.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Survivor - Episode 4 

This week's Survivor rant:

Again, there are spoliers

Was it necessary for us to see Rupert arranging himself after getting the skirt that Christa sewed for him? Eeeeew. Anyway, I think the twist with Immunity this week was awesome. Especially since Drake lost on purpose (or so we were led to believe). I wasn't too sure about Morgan's choice, but in hindsight it seems the best. I actually hope that the switch is permanent. I think Christa (or was it Trish) was right when they said that Rupert might be giving the other team info without even knowing it. So, now we have a Morgan alliance, a flashy Drake alliance (Burt, Shawn, Michelle), a hippie Drake alliance (Rupert?, Christa, Trish and Sandra) and a rogue (John). Or so we thought before Tribal Council.

I was surprised that it came down to Christa and Burton, I would have thought Michelle vs. Trish or Sandra. I also figured John was lying to the hippie alliance because when Trish asked him who the flashy alliance thought they were voting for, she asked "Michelle?" and he said 'yeah'. I also don't think he created a spectacle, especially 'one that's not to be missed' like it said on the website. The naked stuff with John was probably the first time I found nudity on Survivor to be funny: 'All it's going to do is make me naked.' I'm also glad Jeff didn't let John off the hook at TC. I think Burton was cuter than Shawn, but I couldn't be prouder of Shawn for voting him off. That's one of the best voting twists ever. But, as seen in next week's previews, John might be telling every one that Shawn voted for Burton. If he's smart (and not just a smart-ass), he'd keep it quiet and blackmail Shawn with the info. But, instead, he's going to be a loud mouth and announce it to everyone and lose Shawn as a possible future ally. IDIOT.

I was wondering about the timing of some of the things they showed this episode, like all the talk about losing just to vote someone off. That could have been any time during the last 12 days and Burnett just showed it in this episode. I think the Rupert and Burton conversation was in days 10-12, but the rest of it could have been any time after they won the first 2 immunities, ie, day 6 or later.

So, between Rupert's switching and Shawn's voting, I think this is one of the top five episdoes ever.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Survivor Episode 3 Message 2 

And a friend of mine replied with:

"This just proves my original point a few years back that they need to do away with the separate tribe thing. The crux of the show is Tribal Council, that's where the shocks and drama usually happen and if it stays this predictable folks will lose interest in the show. That's what happened with Thailand and Thailand SUCKED!!Andrew drives me nuts. Okay, if your tribe was consistently losing one time after another, don't you think you need a new "leader"? Someone who can actually pull the damn tribe together instead of ripping them apart? I totally disagree about Ryan O. (Rhino?) I think he is damn strong and smart, but he is trying to keep a low profile at the moment. He is the one the tribe should be following, not Andrew. Also, can they mix up the INCREDIBLE BRUTE FORCE REQUIRED challenges with some mental ones to TRY and even the playing field? If Morgan loses one more challenge I may give up on this season. It's painful and BORING to watch. I want the other tribe thinned out, so I know who is who."

He and I have discussed a scenario in which everyone lives together and every immunity is individual. However, the only ones that go to TC are the eight people that came in last (until you have twelve, then it's the last six and when you have 8, it's everyone.) You'd have the conflict of the risk of being voted out vs. the ability to cast a vote against someone else. Our point is that they need to do some more changes to the voting out system to keep things interesting.

Survivor - Episode 3 - Message 1 

I watch Survivor and have started sending a rant/summary after each episode to my friends. If you don't like it, please ignore this post. Caution, this contains spoilers, so if for some reason you haven't seen the October 2nd episode, don't read it yet...

There were 2 people I didn't think I would like when I first looked at the website before watching the show and they were Ryan Shoulders (what a wierd name) and Lil. Well, They ended up being the ones I like the most so far, and I can't believe they voted Lil out! What does Dara do, anyway? Sit there and talk like she's retarded? OK, I shouldn't be so hard on her, but she should have gone this time! Ryan O CREEPS me out, and I hate Osten (don't get me started on the black men they cast), I find Tijuana annoying and have had more than enough of Andrew. I am beginning to hope they do self-destruct. I still don't have the other tribe straight in my head, except that Christa (the pilferer) needs to stop talking! (did you notice she said everything twice, and in THE most annoying voice?) But, I am beginning to wonder if Michelle or Trish even have voices. Sandra is fine, I like her more than John. Shawn and Burton certainly are the eye candy. And Rupert, I think they will use him for all they can and then cut him loose, but he won't go quietly. And if Morgan loses again, they'll pull the switching tribes thing. Maybe even before that, unless Burnett hears Drake plotting to lose and vote out either John or Sandra (my guess is John).

*After writing this, and reading it a few days later, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Rupert they voted out.*

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