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Monday, February 02, 2009

Collect Them All - Rainbow Brite

RainbowBrite.net or on Wikipedia Rainbow Brite

She lives in Rainbowland with the seven color kids (one for each ROYGBIV color) and each of their sprites. She rides a horse named Starlite, and her sprite is named Twink.
Wikipedia lists the color kids and their Sprites:
Red Butler (Romeo)
Lala Orange (OJ) (in the 2004 line, OJ's name is Mango)
Canary Yellow (Spark)
Patty O'Green (Lucky)
Buddy Blue (Champ)
Indigo (Hammy)
Shy Violet (IQ)

Her main villains were Murky and Lurky, and there were many other characters in the show and movie.



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