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Monday, January 12, 2009


This morning I was actually smiling as I walked in the door to work. I wasn't really happy to see Monday morning, but I'd been thinking about something that makes me happy. I started work by getting lots of little stuff done in preparation for the big monthly thing we are doing in Wednesday. Right before lunch, I see an email from my boss' boss asking a guy in another department for some info on missing data, and I see the guy's reply. It is two terse sentences saying that there is no missing data. My immediate thought is, "What a dick."

We get several things from this guy's department and they are error-ridden and full of holes. I have heard rumors that he and a direct report don't reply to women via email. I've emailed them both about ten times in the past six months and never gotten a reply. I sent out letters with the wrong information in them because of this bad data. I am sick and tird of these jerks. I am also pretty sick and tired of the people in my department who should be dealing with this. It's not my job to deal with them, and if I tried to, I'd probably be reprimanded. Dicks.
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