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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I don't have that photographic, elephant-like memory that people like to brag about. But, judging by my job over the past week or so, I am lucky enough to remember a few odd, specific things that will later come in handy.

There were 27 kids in my kindergarten class (the one that took place 24 years ago) and I can remember 19 of their names:
Curt L
Joel B
Joel S
Jenny R
Heidi Z
Wes E
Doug G
Kristi G
Stuart ?
Tony P
Gary H
Gary H (yes, there were 2)
Taunia A
Emily S
Sarah C
Jessica T
Tiffany L
Jamie S
Katie R

So, there are seven missing (27-19-me=7). I know a boy named Shamus was in second grade with us, but not kindergarten. I would much rather attend a 25-year kindergarten reunion with these people than go to my ten year high school reunion. In fact, my ten-year was last September and I skipped it. Most of my friends either didn't graduate, were in another grade or attended another school.



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