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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Conquer the world all over again

There is a demo available on the official website of Age of Empires III, which will be released on October 18th. I loooved the first two as well as Age of Mythology. The first PC games I played were SimCity and Civilization and I think they had a profound effect on the types of games I like to play. No first-person shooters for me, I prefer turn-based empire building followed by a swift defeat of my enemies with my technologically superior army.

Civilization's sequels Civ II and Call to Power were great, especially with the expansions like Fantastic Worlds. Unfortunately, Civ3 was a massive disappointment and I haven't risked getting any expansions for it. The good news is there's a Civ4 on it's way, releasing October 25th.



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