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Monday, August 01, 2005

July at 85

That's 85 MPH, not 85 degrees, since I have been enjoying the heat. It seems like July just started and it's already gone. For me, July consisted of the following (in no particular order):

-being unimpressed with the newly remodeled Walker Art Center
-going to Duluth on a slightly random Saturday
-falling behind on my Calc 2 homework, but holding my own on the tests
-eating at Erte, McCormick and Schmick's, It's Greek to Me and Tiburon
-trying to keep my apartment clean
-spending an afternoon on Medicine Lake, only sunburning my arms
-helping redo my mother's kitchen and bathroom (sanding, painting, tiling)
-not getting a good view of the fireworks downtown because MPD closed the Third St Bridge "for security purposes"
-intending to see Fantastic Four but ending up getting passes to The Island while standing in line (too much action ruins a good story)
-playing inselkampf, ItsYourTurn and KOL
-installing and playing Sims 2, passed on by my sister
-watching Disc 2 of Wonderfalls, the last three discs of Freaks & Geeks, and all of Entourage: Season 1
-work, school, sleep

Over the next three months, I have a record setting four weddings to attend. Two are cousins and the other two are friends, and all are at least an hour away. I'm not complaining, though, just marveling at how weddings always come in clumps.

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  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger origomi said…

    I'm glad someone enjoys the heat. it's melting us, for sure... I'm ready for winter!

    I just went to the "new" walker this sunday (missed the matthew barney showing on saturday, unfortunately) and I wasn't terribly impressed with it either. I kept wondering "you had to add all that crap for this?" either I missed a whole bunch of it, or it's just really poorly laid out. or both. either way, it almost seemed worse than before.

    We decided to not pick up a membership this year- it just really doesn't seem worth it anymore.


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