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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The wisdom of MIA

10 Dollar - What can I get for 10 Dollar? Everything you want. What can I get for 10 Dollar? Anything you want.
Amazon - Somewhere in the Amazon, they're holding me ransom. Hello, this is MIA, can you please come get me? … Minutes turned to hours and became our dates, when we shared raindrops that turned into lakes.
Bingo - You drink too much rum. You make me wanna run.
Bonus Track - You can be a follower but who's your leader? Break the cycle or it will kill ya.
Bucky Done Gun - Can I get control? Do you like me vulnerable? I'm armed and I'm equal, more fun for the people.
Fire, Fire - You should have been good to me, Then I wouldn't get so rowdy, rowdy.
Hombre - Excuse me little hombre: take my number, call me. I can get squeaky, so you can come and oil me.
Pull Up the People - Everyday thinkin 'bout how me get through, everything I own is on IOU … I'm a fighter, a nice nice fighter.

I bought her CD, Arular, about two weeks ago and I have not been able to stop listening to it. It's high energy, rhythmic hip-hop, which usually isn't my thing. She was born in Sri Lanka and came to London as a refugee.



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