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Sunday, February 13, 2005


This movie was a big bore. We have several characters that are barely there, that we hardly know and consequently don't care about. Gutenberg is an easily annoyed loser that makes his fiance take a football trivia test to see if he will marry her. Gee, he must have them lining up around the block. They don't even make him learn any kind of lesson at the end. Stern is a man trapped in an unhappy marriage, but we have no idea why he's unhappy. Rourke is a slimy player who uses people and doesn't learn his lesson, either. Reiser is supposed to be funny, but is just sad and annoying. Bacon is a loose cannon that has some family issues that are never explored. Daly is a guy home from college who has a problem, but we don't really care about the woman he's got the problem with, since she is a very one-dimensional character.
At one point, there is a musical number that serves no purpose whatsoever. I couldn't believe this was put in the Comedy genre.



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