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Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Sports Night - ABC and then Comedy Central - Written By Aaron Sorkin - Sabrina Lloyd (Natalie) and Joshua Malina (Jeremy), Felicity Huffman(Dana) and Peter Krause (Casey), Josh Charles (Dan) and Teri Polo (Rebecca) - Ted McGinley, Greg Baker- William H Macy (married to Huffman?) guest starred. I started watching this when it was on ABC. Whenever a fan talks about this show, it's usually something like, "I am not a sports fan at all, but the show isn't really about sports." It's a dramatic look at the making of a 'Sports Center'-like show, with a lot of comedy and some romance thrown in. Robert Guillaum plays Issac, the boss and father figure. He had a stroke during the show's run and they wrote it in to the series. It was cancelled after one and a half seasons Both Seasons are out on DVD in one set.

Six Feet Under - HBO - Peter Krause (Nate), Lauren Ambrose (Claire), Michael C Hall (David), Rachel Griffiths (Brenda), Frances Conroy (Ruth). A show about a family-run funeral home, Fisher & Sons. Peter Krause again shines as the central character who is uneasy about death and his own mortality, yet feels the need to help run the business after his fathers death. Each episode starts with someone's death, and the corpse usually ends up at Fisher & Sons. They have to contend with being a small fish in a big pond, and stand up to a conglomerate, Kroehner, that keeps trying to take them over. Ruth is the matriarch who plays the victim pretty well. Claire (my favorite) is the youngest child, the angst-ridden 17 year-old only daughter. David is the obedient middle-child who finally came out to his family after his father died. Keith is his on-again off-again boyfriend who has family problems of his own. Federico (you might have seen him in Can't Hardly Wait, with Lauren Ambrose) works at the funeral home to support his wife, Vanessa, and two kids. Nate's girlfriend, Brenda, brings a even crazier family into the mix. It gets complicated, but her parents are shrinks that enjoy screwing with people's heads and her brother Billy is just plain wacko (well, so is she). Her mother is my second favorite character and is played by Joanna Cassidy the boss from 'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead'. Her character is hilarious! Robert Foxworth, aka Chase from Falcon Crest plays her father, but he's not much of a character.

Season One is out on DVD. I have also seen Season Two on VHS (from some friends), but there is no word on a DVD release date. I also saw a season 3 episode by accident, which has ruined some surprises for me.



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