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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Beyond Borders

On Sunday I saw 'Beyond Borders' with Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen. If you think there's any chance that you'll like the movie, you really should see it. I guess it did badly (2 million?), but I thought it was very good, like best-so-far-this-year good. I can't see how someone wouldn't be moved after seeing this movie. The storyline wasn't flawless or anything, but the scenery and the political situations made up for any thin plot points or character cheesiness. For most of the movie, she is working for the UN, a job I'd love to have. I was glad I saw it alone though, and I appreciated having the time to reflect on it during the drive home, instead of discussing it with someone. That's part of the reason I like seeing movies alone. Some people think it's odd that I do that, but I especially like seeing serious movies by myself. I have made the mistake of seeing scary movies alone (Scream), which I will never do again. I don't see very many, and I prefer to have a cuddly man to hide behind if I have to see one.



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